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Job Notification in Fidelity, Chennai for Associate Specialist On Aug 2016

Associate Specialist
HTML, Photoshop
0 - 1 Years

Organization profile : 
This site is expected to be made accessible just to people in the United States. Nothing on this site should be viewed as a sales to purchase or an offer to offer a security, or whatever other item or administration, to any individual in any ward where such offer, sales, buy or deal would be unlawful under the laws of such purview and none of the securities, items or administrations depicted in this have been approved to be requested, offered, bought or sold outside of the United States of America. 

Set of working responsibilities : 
1. Execute member correspondences by means of electronic channels at the heading of Communication Strategists/Managers and Project Managers 
2. Make standard layout correspondence materials with the Retirement Services Marketing Group and deliver exceedingly customized interchanges for members in corporate retirement arranges. 
3. Should utilize variable print innovation to create correspondences for members in corporate retirement arranges. These materials might be delivered exclusively utilizing the inside and outside stages and may require semi-custom altering 
4. Is in charge of frameworks setup, administration and continuous backing of retirement member instruction packs and materials. Partner to protect exact writing packs are accessible for efficient dissemination to retirement arrangement members 

Applicant Profile: 
1. Essential learning of MS office. 
2. Photshop and HTML, Basic information of HTML and Photoshop will be leverage 
3. Adaptable to work in movements 
4. Behavioral Attributes 

1. Graduate with 0-1 year of experience

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