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Achariya Techno Solutions India Pvt Ltd
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Achariya Techno Solutions India Pvt Ltd

Job Requirement in Achariya,Trivandrum for System Administrator

System Administrator
Mysql Database
0 - 1.5 Years
Any Graduates

Company Profile :

Achariya Techno Solutions India Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified IT Enabled Service Company focused in Telecom Innovations & VAS Industry. We provide Complete Automated & Custom Tele Communication Solutions.

Job Description :

  1. Quick Troubleshooting & Optimization of Server for optimal performance.
  2. Should be well versed with CentOS,Apache, MySQL Data Base Management.
  3. Creating APIs and Services to control servers through Web.
  4. Good Understanding with Routers, Switching, DNS, Hardware & Software Firewalls.
  5. Shell Scripting, Security Fixes, Virtualization, Monitoring Tools.
  6. HTTP & Proxy Based Load Balancing to server huge web requests.
  7. Has proven experience in maintaining high volume web applications.
  8. Should have thorough knowledge to manage multiple servers.(Cluster & Masters).

Required Skills :

  1. Fine Tuning of Apache and MySQL for maximum optimized performance.
  2. Performing different back up mechanisms (System Full Back up, Hourly Backup for critical DBs, Mirroring) to a remote server.
  3. Protect the servers from phishing,DOS and other kinds of attacks.
  4. Keep the load distribution across the server in good health, and help developers in tracking rogue code.
  5. Run web log analysis for various data points as and when we need them.
  6. Frequently analyze log to identify suspicious behavior of the app in term of errors or unwanted usage.
  7. Write automation scripts to do routine server management activities.
  8. Good Understanding of Linux Security and Loop Holes of Kernel is an added advantage.

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